Canadian Map Portfolio Collection

1857 Refurbished Map of Canada


1915 Refurbished Map of Ottawa Canada

ottawa canada 1915

1890 Refurbished Map of Halifax Canada

Halifax 1890

1906 Refurbished Map of Montreal Canada

montreal 1906

1912 Refurbished Map of Edmonton Canada

edmonton alberta 1912 bpl resized

1906 Refurbished Map of Toronto Canada

toronto 1906

1917 Refurbished Map of Winnipeg Canada

winnipeg 1917 bpl resized

1866 Refurbished Map of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Canada

1866_Mitchell_Map_of_New_Brunswick_and_Nova_Scotia,_Canada_-_Geographicus_- resized

1882 Refurbished Map of St. Johns Canada

st john new brunswick canada 1882

1920 Refurbished Map of Vancouver Canada

Vancouver canada 1920 bpl resized

1870 Refurbished Map of New Brunswick and Quebec


1850 Refurbished Map of A Portion of Ontario

1850_Tallis_Map_of_West_Canada_or_Ontario_(_includes_Great_Lakes_)_-_Geographicus_-_WestCanada-tallis-1850 resized

1849 Refurbished Map of Canada

1849_Tallis_Map_of_Canada_or_British_America_w-_Oregon_-_Geographicus_-_BritishAmerica-tlls-1849 resized

1807 Refurbished Map of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Canada


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