Tales of Horror Shirt – Featured in Motion Picture The Duff

Our Tales of Horror Shirt is being featured in the motion picture film the Duff. Back in May of 2014 we were approached by a film production representative associated with the film and were asked if we would allow the use of  the shirt in the film. We agreed and presumed that our shirt would be worn by a background character in the film. After seeing a brief TV spot for the film The Duff, we at Bravura Media company thought it would be appropriate to take a closer look at their trailer. What made our entire company jump out of our seats in excitement was seeing the main character of the film Bianca played by Mae Whitman wearing our Tales of Horror shirt in numerous scenes throughout the trailer. So we here at Bravura Media Company can officially acknowledge that our Customly designed Tales of Horror Comic Shirt was the ACTUAL and Legitimate article of clothing that was used in the film The Duff. Check out the rest of our content on this below and if your interested in purchasing the EXACT shirt worn in the film, Click HERE or go to the bottom of the post and click the image and link of the shirt.

Featured on the Duff

Check out the trailer for yourself to see our shirt in the film The Duff

Our shirt appears at Time Stamp: 0:42 – 1:00

Our Shirt is Available for Purchase by clicking the Image and Link Below

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